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Smotherman Plumbing & Roofing was established in 1976 after working as an apprentice for a well known plumbing company in Nashville for over 10 years. In 1985 I added an extension to the business in the roofing field.

We have been serving Nashville and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.

We stand by the integrity of our word, and we aim to please the customer.

No job is too small!

We will repair or replace shingles on detached garages or any outbuilding you may have.

Refer a friend

Many of our clients are referred to us by another satisfied customer. If you refer us to someone and we do a job for them we will send you a $100 finders fee once the job is completed.


Roof inspections take many factors into consideration.

  1. The accessibility to your home. Are there flower beds, fences, decks or any other structure that makes it difficult to maneuver around without damaging anything.
  2. How many layers of shingles on the existing roof. More layers means more labor in tearing off the existing shingles.
  3. What is the degree of angle or pitch of the roof. A steeper roof means an increase in price.
  4. The square footing of the roof.
  5. The kind of shingles you choose for your new roof. Dimensional shingles or 3-tab.
  6. What kind of ventilation do you want. Ventilation is the key to a long lasting roofing system. (We offer ridge vents, turbine vents, static vents and the newest is the solar vents.)
  7. Does the gutters need replacing? New gutters are the finishing touch on a new roof. We will give you an estimate to replace the gutters.

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